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'Everybody's working': White House intensifies efforts to bring manufacturing home from China

Published June 4th, 2020 by Linda Strat

A key finding in a March 2020 Thomas survey of manufacturers and suppliers shows that over half of manufacturers are ‘likely to extremely likely’ to bring production and sourcing back to North America. Additionally, 47% of U.S manufacturers report they are now seeking domestic sources of supply.

As global supply chains are re-evaluated due to the pandemic and US-China friction, find out what will this mean for the U.S and Maryland manufacturing industry?

Is reshoring for real, or is it just a fantasy given America's higher costs of doing business and limited manufacturing workforce?

What would your State need to do to attract a meaningfully larger share of manufacturing activity in America?

What role would a renewed trade war with China have on global supply chains and prospects for reshoring to America?

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