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We now own 613,000/pcs of domestically-based local inventory on Kimberly Clark N95 Niosh Respirator Masks (Model # 53358)

Published October 8th, 2020 by Linda Strat

With a potential 2nd wave virus coming, worldwide policies and protocols are being put in place today to prevent shortages and panic.

Growing demand for the product in several industries including automotive, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, chemical and petrochemical, oil and gas, mining, industrial R&D, academic R&D, and cleanrooms is expected to promote market growth over the forecast period. Stringent regulations regarding safety of workers will also benefit the market. Rising importance of raw materials offering lightweight properties, comfort, higher heat resistance, and elasticity has been a major incentive for companies to conduct extensive R&D. These initiatives are primarily aimed at achieving multi-functionality of the product and widen its application scope by including innovative add-ons to existing designs. Technological advancements and increasing concerns pertaining to employee health and safety are estimated to provide lucrative opportunities to market participants over the coming years. Product innovation and usage of sustainable raw materials for glove manufacturing are further estimated to positively impact the market over the next few years. We have always tackled the most complex health issues and are well prepared to continue meeting the needs of our customers and clients for greater affordability, predictability and simplicity, even in the most difficult times! 

Our Protection Evolution (COVID-19)- SAFEST WAY TO PROCURE PPE

We recently became a Kimberly-Clarke™ supplier with an incredible offer to share with you. We now own 613,000/pcs of domestically-based local inventory on Kimberly Clark N95 Niosh Respirator Masks (Model # 53358), PLUS another 1.5 million units in Florida on allocation. – These masks NOT FOR MEDICAL USE. Cannot be sold to any hospital, nursing home or where there are any patients.  613,000 pcs per trailer are now avail OTG @ my NJ, Avenel warehouse. The market wholesale sell price $2.50 + FOB Baltimore. We Can get up to 5 million pcs per month. Kimberly-Clark™ produces 30 million of these mask a year made in USA- of which we have access to!

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