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Amrit Yoga Institute

The AGX Health Management initiative is an effort to support and improve health outcomes, life expectancy, and to lower overall health costs. We equip our clients with wellbeing programs for “skill building and support; proactive, integrative health approaches. AGX and its teaming partner the Amrit Yoga Institute will empowers our clients and their staff to take charge of their healthcare through our Skills for Life-Mastery Solutions. The retreat center is located in the midst of the Ocala National Forest on the pristine spring-fed Lake Kerr.  We are open year round to students and guests seeking transformational education in the field of yoga, meditation, and conscious living. Come see us, we look forward to your visit!

Skills for Life-Mastery

Develop Proficiency in Amrit Method Techniques on the Mat and Apply them to Any Situation for a More Fulfilling Experience in Life

Empower yourself to embody your life’s highest expression

Level 1: Posture of Consciousness

Yoga Teacher training provides proficiency in yogic techniques, postures and lifestyle through a non-aggressive, non-competitive and non-mental approach.

Access the inner, spiritual dimension of yoga beyond physical flexibility to improve vitality and reduce the impacts of chronic of stress Using specific yogic techniques, retrain the nervous system to respond differently to physical, mental and emotional stress.

Experientially connect to the fundamental principles of yoga as philosophically outlined in ancient yogic scriptures.

Learn a meditative approach to physical yoga postures. Transforms ancient philosophy into a current and relevant living reality, providing you the blueprint with which to integrate it into your daily life.

Amrit Yoga harmonizes the mental and spiritual disciplines of Raja Yoga (surrender) with the strength of Hatha Yoga (willful action) into one system.

  1. Posture of Consciousness
  2. First and second half of the posture
  3. Press points and energetic extensions
  4. Willful action and meditative awareness
  5. Will and surrender
  6. Energy follows attention
  7. Breaking reactive patterns
  8. 7 Tools: Intention, Alignment, Breath, Inward Focus, Concentration, Meditative Awareness and Integration
  9. The edge: place where intensity and ability to relax intersects – how to manage skillfully


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