Xtreme Quality - Advanced Acquisitions

Comprehensive Workforce Solutions.

Your goal is to focus on your core business. Our goal is to help you by offering comprehensive workforce solutions. 


AGX Staffing and HR Solutions can provide human resources and staffing solutions as they relate to supporting the development of industry related position descriptions for Government approval, conduct manpower surveys, and provide workforce consulting in the support of human capital management.  American Group Contrax, AGX-llc (AGX Group), is excited to be a part of Maryland’s system-wide State Workforce and Economic Development transformation movement by supporting collaboration between employers and education providers to build workers’ skills. We believe our years of experiences working with agencies, private firms, and educational institutes on the practical application of new knowledge and skills and best practices makes us a perfect selection for your future projects. 

Employment Readiness Programs 

Our Job readiness programs come with a Learning and Action Resource Guide that is offered as part of a critical strategy to provide career opportunities and meaningful career pathways for youth and young adults.  This is the latest brand under the AGX umbrella of staffing services. AGX delivers IT talent solutions and managed partnerships designed to meet each client’s employment and retention needs. We balance candidate goals with client requirements to create winning, lasting professional relationships.

FEATURED PRODUCT: NAICS Code 561311 - Human Resources Support 

We are ready and able to search and present quality candidates in even the toughest of candidate markets.

Expedited Credentialing

All relevant data for a new hire is auto populated into our standardized credentialing system, and with a click of a button the paperwork is ready for signatures. Monitor the process in real time and know the exact date of completion.


We accept Government credit cards and IMPAC cards including Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express® and Discover® credit cards.