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Positive Youth Development Services

Vocational Training and Life Skills

AGX supports youth holistically and proactively by fostering positive attributes that can lead to an improved quality of life.  Each program that we have executed has varied greatly due to the demands of each of our clients. To provide the best experience for our clients, we use an evidence-based approach to craft each program that we are privileged to be a part of. AGX engages youth, along with their families, communities and/or governments, so that youth are empowered to reach their full potential.  We provide agencies intensive opportunities to foster Positive Youth Development (PYD).

Each student will learn approaches that build skills, assets and competencies; foster healthy relationships; strengthen the environment; and transforms systems. Teaching yourself these behaviors will not only-only keep you motivated and inspired, but it can help combat depression, anger, anxiety, IBS, and even PTSD.

Vocational Training and Life Skills Benefits:

  • Staff trained in CPR
  • Off-the-shelf curricula (Can be modified by an educational consultant to fit your agency needs).
  • Facility Layouts provided
  • 2:8 Teacher/Student ratio
  • Federal, State, and Municipal Solutions
  • Evidence based Social and Emotional Support

Our Vocational Training and Life Skills Interventions program and curriculum follows eight components that are important to fostering a positive setting:

1.Physical and psychological safety 

2. Appropriate structure 

3.Opportunities to belong 

4. Positive social norms

5. Support for efficacy and mattering

6. Opportunities for skill building

7. Integration of family, school and community 

8. Nurturance and support 

Special Message: Purple Heart Recipient, Combat-Wounded Veteran, Author & Int’l Speaker. Brian Fleming. 


  • Youth Development Programming
  • State Opportunities & Youth Adventure Camps
  • Restorative Therapy Program (RRP) Support (Full Cycle event Coordination)
  • Developing positive coping strategies & Enhance Resilience
  • Music Therapy 

    AGX Support Services are offered in four service delivery areas:

    • Art, Recreation & Leisure
    • Sports, Fitness & Health
    • Life Skills, Citizenship, Character Development & Leadership
    • Academic Support, Career Development, Mentoring & Intervention

Click to Download: This File includes the following:

1. Working With Youth & Managing Risk Control Log
2. JV Program Outline



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