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“AGX Group and the Amrit Yoga Institute Yoga Teacher Training incorporates the mind and the body, and after the third day, it was like I was taking yoga for the first time. It was like having all the pieces of the puzzle fit together.”

Lauren Bergamo, M.S.
Exercise Physiologist & Whole Health Coach
Baltimore VA Medical Center
Baltimore Geriatric Research, Education and Clinical Center (GRECC)

I met De'Andre Wells at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation's Annual Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C. this past September. From the very first moment, this young man, an Iraq War Veteran, impressed me with his incredible desire and commitment to helping other veterans overcome challenges and live full, healthy lives post-service to our country. Like many of us in the helping professions, De'Andre sees his work at his company as more than a job-but as a calling. This young man is destined for great and wonderful things in his future. And the people he serves, as well as our country at large, will be the beneficiaries of his continued service. Godspeed!

"It is my pleasure to recommend De'Andre Wells and AGX Group who I have known for a number of years. De'Andre possess strong "door-opening" state and federal legislative connections. He is engaged with various minority legislative caucus groups across the nation. His passion for service to his country has led to innovation in programs for veterans, youth and professional organizations. His programs and vast network offers opportunities for holistically addressing the physical, mental spiritual, and relationship development needs for the engaged groups and constituencies he serves. I definitely recommend his services!"

I am a changed person from De'Andre's Spirit, Energy and Motivation. There are few individuals in the world that are True Leaders and De'Andre is this Person. His business acumen, skillset & vision to help individuals and businesses is a true benefit to anyone. I look forward to supporting De'Andre. Kindest regards.


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