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Clinical Specialist –90% Remote/ $85,000 Annually Salary … 

Estimated Duration of Project:  Effective date August 1, 2022, until July 31, 2025. This project may be extended for up to two (2) additional one (1) year terms upon mutual written agreement of the parties.

Responsibility of Clinical Specialist:  

Clinical Specialists will oversee the activity of reviewing critical incidents that have been submitted and processed to determine incidents were reported within the required timeframes and according to both regulation and the Medicaid Waiver Assurances. The Clinical Specialists will perform reviews of completed Health Risk Screenings (HRSTs) to determine quality and alignment with reported incidents and identified levels of need. The Clinical Specialists will also provide support and medical insight relative to performance audits and reviews performed with participants who have complex medical conditions in addition to an intellectual and developmental disabilities. They will also support non-clinical reviewers by providing information and recommendations specific to their area of clinical expertise (e.g., nursing, behavioral, etc.).

Possession of a master’s degree in a discipline in one of the following areas: psychology, behavior analysis, social work, or related field, or a bachelor’s degree in nursing with possession of a valid license as a registered nurse; Three (3) years of experience conducting reviews of performance standards specific to Medicaid service delivery; Ten (10) years of clinical experience related to the delivery of behavioral, nursing, or other applied health service.

Each contracted employee shall receive two hundred forty (240) hours of paid time off for each year for time worked (i.e., excludes days not worked for any reason including use of paid time off) for all vacation, personal time, sick time, and holidays.  Said paid time off (i) shall not exceed thirty (30) days per each year of this Agreement (ii) shall be scheduled upon agreement of AGX and employee and (iii) shall not be carried over into the next year’s period without the express written permission of AGX.


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