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As a CERTIFIED SDVOB, American Group Contrax, AGX-LLC has been added to the NVBDC Veteran Owner Certification System (VOCS) national database where other VOB’s and Corporations can find us!  

One of the huge challenges for buyers today is that, since the appearance of COVID-19, factory production and logistics have become very unpredictable, whilst the urgency and global demand for PPE and Masks is increasing. This situation has necessitated the development of a production and logistics dashboard for buyers to illustrate the Real-Time progress of each order and providing the buyer with complete transparency at each stage of the journey, from production progress, delivery to airports, to final customs clearance, and finally your doorstep!  

"We are creating custom-tailored solutions in real-time as your product’s needs evolve, ensuring your products are produced with the optimal combination of resources at every stage. This amounts to greater affordability, predictability and simplicity, even in the most difficult times!"

It is the goal of AGX Group to facilitate rapid development, collaborations, and maximum production output of the solutions deemed most critical to those on the front lines. Instead of blindly waiting for the goods, the buyers now have a clearer understanding and control of the whole process.

Due to the critical nature of our business, which includes work for cyber security and defense contractors, we have remained open and actively engaged in responses to this crisis on multiple fronts. AGX will provide a high-level summary of resources and opportunities which may be of critical importance to satisfying needs in the PPE, assistive breathing device, sanitation, cyber security and telehealth arenas.Many of these opportunities are synergistic and may be combined into collaborative working groups for maximum effectiveness. AGX will continue to pay close attention to what our State and Federal officials and the CDC are recommending. 

Please be advised that AGX is working in tandem with the private, federal, state, and non-profit sector to prioritize the alignment of services and commodities with the rapidly changing State Agency, DOD, and FEMA operations. AGX is committed to delivering services and to continuity of operations to meet the needs of all our client partners. We will continue to monitor the situation and as things change, we will provide additional updates.

 We are here for you!

COVID-19 Product Center

TARUO is mobilized 24/7 with a high production capacity to supply Governments, Medical Health Institutions and other key organizations with personal protective equipment (PPE) and Disposable 3-Ply Masks.

The CureX Corporation Baltimore, MD 

Government Relations

Developing the manufacturing workforce of the future! Engineering solutions for our Nation’s toughest challenges and the critical work performed by employees in these environments. We're a global brand strengthening our supply chains during crisis and prosperity by designing, manufacturing, and the distribution of PPE and Medical Supplies in the United States. Our Global Prevention Team is one of our key domains in the area of Post Pandemic Prevention services. 

Our Bio Defense and Industrial Facility Management engineers have created "Returning to Work" Facility Training and Protocols and Post Pandemic Crisis Management protocols to support our nation's Industrial heritage. 

Our Added Value:

• Assure that employees are made aware that the work areas have been disinfected
• Protocols and Procedures/ Signs & Symptoms of COVID-19
•Daily Self-Screening for Symptoms Protocols and Procedures/
•Isolation Protocol for Symptomatic Employees
•Social Distancing Measures and Procedures
•Personal Hygiene Measures and Procedures
•Disinfection Measures and Procedures
•Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Protocols and Procedures

COVID-19 – We are responding to our Nation’s need of leaders who can build resiliency in communities through strategic analyses of risk, achieving anticipatory resiliency (see related essay).



As the single largest purchaser of goods and services in the world, the United States Government is a vital source of business for companies like the AGX GROUP. 

AMERICAN GROUP CONTRAX, AGX-LLC is a center for Veterans-Enterprise Verified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) or Veteran Owned Small Business(VOSB). 

Established in 2015, The AGX Group’s core mission is to provide government and corporate buyers world-class solutions and to manage complex programs with a commitment to excellence and superior customer service. 

We provide expert contractor support, with critical market-based skills that augment the internal activities of your program offices at suitable prices and are difference-makers driven to contribute to the success of our country. Our contracting and procurement services provide nationwide economic development and job creation. 

Using our integrity and expertise, we strive to manage and operate programs that make a difference in the missions we serve. Our practice areas include: Staffing, Healthcare, Facility Engineering, Education, Project Management, and more.




March 5th, 2020. On the latest episode of Takin It Next Level, Tom Crawford and I talk with De'Andre B. Wells Sgt. US Army Ret., CEO of American Group Contrax, AGX-LLC, City Leader for Bunker Labs, about the challenges of post-service life for military veterans. The varying degrees of emotional stress and pain that comes with service and the difficulties that those bottled up stresses cause as service members integrate back into the community. As CEO of AGX De'Andre mission now is to help veterans in various ways. He is leading the effort with Bunker Labs to support and encourage veteran entrepreneurship. Inspiring, challenging, and candid conversation with De'Andre. Special thanks to @Eric Waggoner, CFA®, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®, AEP® and presenting sponsor Waggoner Financial Group.Tune in!


March 9th, 2020. De'Andre Bernard Wells, Baltimore City Leader will be speaking to our community about how to develop your product or service for the federal marketplace. Sign-up for  to get exclusive access to our Facebook Group to view the live-stream before it is released.



De’Andre shares a powerful and personal story about his battle with  post-traumatic stress after serving in the middle east, and what he’s  doing today to help other veterans keep battling as President of AGX  Group And Management Services. De’Andre served as a non-commissioned  officer in the United States Army’s 5th Special Forces Group, where he  completed three tours of combat duty during the global war on terrorism.

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