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Federal, State, and Municipal Contracting Services. 

AGX brings the best new option in Health Management Services. We exceed our client’s expectations by offering subject matter experts who are culturally rooted and effective. 

The AGX Group is a Center for Veterans Enterprise Verified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) or Veteran Owned Small Business(VOSB). Established in 2009, The AGX Group’s core competencies include Professional Services, Managed Solutions, and Business Process Improvement. 

The AGX Group’s mission is to provide world-class solutions and to manage complex programs with a commitment to excellence and superior customer service. We are Difference-makers driven to contribute to the success of our country. Using our Integrity and Expertise we strive to manage and operate programs that make a difference in the missions we serve. Our practice areas include: IT, Cyber Security, Healthcare, Engineering, Education, Project Management, and more. 


Improving Access and Outcomes

In an effort to improve health outcomes and life expectancy, and to lower costs, AGX GROUP is empowering Veterans and their families to take charge of their healthcare. One of the components of this initiative is equipping Veterans with wellbeing programs for “skill building and support; proactive, integrative health approaches such as stress reduction, professional development, acupuncture, yoga, tai chi, mindfulness, hypnosis, humanitarian programs, music therapy, nutrition, health coaching; not diagnosis or disease based” and more. Our experienced team of partners and officers go through a rigorous selection process and are responsible for taking an active role in improving access to care through the latest tele-health technology, life-mastery solutions, professional development, and therapeutic modalities.

Improving The Effectiveness of Federal Management Processes/Procedures

Our integrated and comprehensive program is strategically designed to reinforce the delivery of Federal, State, and Municipal agencies Processes and Procedures. These services are normally closely related to the basic responsibilities and mission of the agency originating the requirement for the acquisition of services by contract. Included are efforts that support or contribute to improved organization of program management, logistics management, project monitoring and reporting, data collection, budgeting, accounting, performance auditing, and administrative technical support for conferences and training programs.

 As of August 31, 2018 the Department of Veteran Affairs VA Maryland Health System (“VAMHCS”) and AGX GROUP have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”). This (“MOU”) directly relates to the Whole Health redesign initiative of the Veterans Health Administration (VHA). In an effort to improve health outcomes and life expectancy, and to lower costs, VHA is working to empower Veterans to take charge of their healthcare. Patient and Family Centered Care and Cultural Transformation office at the VA Maryland Health Care System (VAMHCS) and AGX Group will share the responsibility of changing the culture of the health care system to a Whole Health/Integrative Medicine model and creating Whole Health opportunities for Veterans and VA Practitioners. AGX and its teaming partners empower our clients to focus on what matters most, the "Veteran Experience." At AGX Group we truly believe that  OUR PEOPLE MAKE THE DIFFERENCE.

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  • Positive Youth Development Services (PYD)

    Professional Procurement Services

“AGX Group and the Amrit Yoga Institute Yoga Teacher Training incorporates the mind and the body, and after the third day, it was like I was taking yoga for the first time. It was like having all the pieces of the puzzle fit together.”

Lauren Bergamo, M.S.
Exercise Physiologist & Whole Health Coach
Baltimore VA Medical Center
Baltimore Geriatric Research, Education and Clinical Center (GRECC)



De’Andre shares a powerful and personal story about his battle with  post-traumatic stress after serving in the middle east, and what he’s  doing today to help other veterans keep battling as President of AGX  Group And Management Services. De’Andre served as a non-commissioned  officer in the United States Army’s 5th Special Forces Group, where he  completed three tours of combat duty during the global war on terrorism.

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AGX is mechanically focusing on “customizing” community development solutions with Veteran Owned small business cases. The unique conditions that Veteran owned businesses and Community players have in common to solve are diversity issues and sustainability. Most major institutions, especially corporations, are searching for solutions to these same issues.

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July 25th, 2018

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February 2nd, 2018

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January 10th, 2018

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