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"It is the goal of AGX Group to facilitate rapid development, collaborations, and maximum production output of the solutions deemed most critical to those on the front lines. Instead of blindly waiting for the goods, the buyers now have a clearer understanding and control of the whole process."

As a CERTIFIED SDVOB, American Group Contrax, AGX-LLC has been added to the NVBDC Veteran Owner Certification System (VOCS) national database where other VOB’s and Corporations can find us!

Due to the critical nature of our business, which includes work for cyber security and defense contractors, we have remained open and actively engaged in responses to this crisis on multiple fronts. 

AGX will provide a high-level summary of resources and opportunities which may be of critical importance to satisfying needs in the Durable Medical Equipment, PPE, assistive breathing device, sanitation, cyber security and IT arenas. 

Many of these opportunities are synergistic and may be combined into collaborative working groups for maximum effectiveness.

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Call to Action: Right now, AGX can furnish and deliver the specified items requested by agencies and any political subdivisions of all 50 States; upon receipt of a valid purchase order. AGX is ready and able to fulfill your requirements. AGX is immediately accepting all orders issued by authorized using entities as needed. We are creating custom-tailored solutions in real-time as your product’s needs evolve, ensuring your products are produced with the optimal combination of resources at every stage. This amounts to greater affordability, predictability and simplicity, even in the most difficult times! 

The pandemic has exposed the risks of global supply chains when there’s a disruption. One of the many challenges for buyers today is that, since the appearance of COVID-19, factory production, delivery, and logistics have become very unpredictable, while the urgency and demand for PPE, Mask, and Gloves are increasing across the globe. The fallout has resulted in many companies either considering reshoring to bring their supply chains closer to their home market or building more diversified, multiregional supply networks, resulting in less reliance on certain low-cost manufacturing locations. 

This situation has necessitated the development of our new production and logistics dashboard for buyers to illustrate the Real-Time progress of each order and providing the buyer with complete transparency of each stage of the journey, from production progress, delivery to airports, to the final customs clearance, and finally your front door. We partnered with the Veteran Non-Profit Challenge America and the VHA Innovation Ecosystem (VHA IE), the catalyst for enabling the discovery and spread of mission-driven health care innovation to advance care delivery and service that exceeds expectations, restores hope, and builds trust within the Veteran community. Instead of blindly waiting for the goods, our buyers now have a clearer understanding and control of the whole process.

Our pricing: fixed-firmed pricing, competitive, and includes the article, color, labor cost, wastage, and commodity inspections, by volume. If cost do not meet your standard, we are willing to negotiate. We can scale up very quickly to increase capacity for the monthly orders.


Owing to the current chaotic marketing environment, many users are not obtaining masks and PPE through standard channels, so there exists some concern about the authenticity of their products and whether they meet the required standards.

To address this problem, CureX and TARUO have developed an anti-counterfeit tracing system, whereby every product package is fitted with a label displaying a 10 digit anti-counterfeit code. The code's authenticity can be verified on our website at CureX Corporation_Taruo Tracing System, together with the verification result, the batch number, product name, and the batch test report to maximize users' confidence in the product.

Where is the code? Find the anti-counterfeit label on the box, and key in the code to verify. Anti-Counterfeit Code Verification.

Anti-Counterfeit Code Verification


We accept Government credit cards and IMPAC cards including Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, and Discover® credit cards.