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Establishing New Partnerships with Local Businesses for Medically Necessary Routine Community Care:

Published November 16th, 2018 by Linda Strat

Establishing New Partnerships with Local Businesses for Medically Necessary Routine Community Care, Baltimore Metropolitan Area, VISN 5, VA Maryland Health Care System with AGX Group

All of us are aware that healthcare in the US is expensive and underperforming. Despiteour large expenditures, our citizens suffer from more chronic conditions and poorer healththan most. Health care consumes 18% of our GDP, and costs continueto rise. An enormous portionof our health care expenditures, about 75%, go toward treatingchronic conditions, conditions which are largely affectedby people's choicesand behaviors. The current healthcare model doesn't work because we do not have a core competency in engaging the person to optimize their health, self- care, and well-being. The VA is uniquely positioned to change this by promotinga Whole Health approach to health and well-being.



Free Education and Community Partnership Night December 16th 5-7pm 

Hammer And Nails Grooming Shop For Guys 10209 Grand Central Ave #112, Owings Mills, MD 21117 FREE FOOD AND WINE!!!

Hammer And Nails Grooming Shop For Guys provides hand and foot care, haircuts an d shaves in a man cave nirvana, has announced plans to partner with the AGX GROUP in the Baltimore-DC Metro Area. The Hammer & Nails experience is unlike any other in the health an d wellness space. The vibe is private, masculine, and relaxing. The atmosphere is low-lit, with soft ambient lighting throughout the shop. Every veteran has a personal TV, remote and noise- cancelling headphones, an d a complimentary beverage of choice during their visit. Veterans will enjoy priority scheduling for all appointments to minimize waiting and to optimize the veteran experience.

Free food and wine. Space is Limited!!!

Call or email De’Andre B. Wells Sgt US Army Ret. for more Details!! deandre@agxgroup.org (443)839-6240

Goal: To partner with local specialty care Practitioners to provide Whole Health/Integrative Medicine services for veterans, where these services are deemed medically necessary by a qualified, licensed medical practitioner.  With these hygienic and preventative maintenance care services locally accessible to veterans in a relaxing, spa-like environment, the opportunity to increase patient compliance may lead to an overall improvement in veteran whole health and a reduction in painful, debilitating and costly lower limb complications (such as chronic pain, infection and amputation).  

Specific Aims: To provide medically necessary routine Whole Health/Integrative Medicine services in existing spa-like environments to improve patient compliance and whole health while reducing complications attributed to improper or neglected hand and foot grooming and hygiene. Specific aims include:

  • To provide medically necessary Whole Health/Integrative Medicine services and patient education to improve patient wellbeing and reduce complications. 
  • To find and manage hand and foot service providers, Whole Health/Integrative Medicine Practitioners to include verifying compliance with license, insurance and certification requirements, safety and hygiene standards and reporting requirements.
  • To streamline service provider participation providing care to veterans.
  • Provide the aforementioned services at a reduced financial cost VHA, while freeing up VA Medical Center resources for more complex medical care procedures.
  • To provide such service on a small scale (initially at one location) with measures in place, as a proof of concept and risk reduction study.
  • To engage existing and emerging local service providers in veteran health care, namely Hammer and Nails, in Owings Mills, Maryland.

When local, existing qualified Whole Health/Integrative Medicine Practitioners, nurses, and hand and foot care providers can easily join in the care of veterans in a spa-like or local barbershop environment, patient compliance, wellness and health is likely to improve, while driving down cost of care, when compared to providing the same service in a VA Medical Center. Patients will improve relationships in their local communities, while receiving care and practicing self-care. We look forward to seeing you on December 16th, 2018 @ 5-7pm. 

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