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Everyone seems to want to help Combat Veterans

Published December 4th, 2017 by Admin

Everyone seems to want to help Combat Veterans who through necessity and sometimes via a stigma are drawn to self-employment via franchising and small business entrepreneurship. A problem however is there are so many educational efforts, government  initiatives with a plethora of different small business service  providers and multiple nonprofit mentoring platforms that just to  develop  a personal strategy to use these resources is a mystery. Some  of the national business resource acronyms for Veterans are as follows:  ACP, CVE, EBV, SDBC, SBA, CDFI, B2B, PBC, SVA, SCORE, PTAC, WBC, VRE,  VIP, VBOC, B2BR, DBED, VSO, CDC, MyVA and TAP. Clearly there’s enough of them to make are anyone’s head spin out of control when looking for  solutions.

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